November 13-16, 2002
The Storm Trysail Club
Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Listing of Available Crew

Jamie Boag is looking for a position as a tactician / navigator or trimmer. He has lots of 40 experience, is Cat 3 and about 73 kgs. Please see his sailing resume.

Scott Beavis is a professional looking for a ride. His email is Please contact him for more information.

Jessica Lord is a Melgi sailor from San Francisco bay and a sometimes Samba Pa Ti crew. She is able to do any position on the boats, and weighes around 155, but can go 5+/-. She is a group 1. She can be reached by email

Mark Walsh is a group 3 who sails with John Calvert-Jones on Southern Star and is very, very good. He is looking for a position. Please contact him at

Mike Ritner is looking to crew. 195# 6'01". Bow, pit or whatever you need. Did pit and bow on Problem Child, Chesapeake Bay high point winner for many years. Pit, bow, and crew boss on L'Outrage 2000 KWRW boat of the week, 2001/2002 SORC class winner. Sailboat rigger for 14 years with own business in St. Petersburg FL. My time is flexable for a solid ride whereever you are sailing.