November 13-16, 2002
The Storm Trysail Club
Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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 General Information
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Delivery captain information:

The power outlets at Atlantis are 50 amp. You will need 30 amp converter plug if you plan on using a 30 amp shore power cord. The Marina is looking into having 110 v power available for use with wetvacs and dehumidifiers. Further details to follow.

Cruising permits are necessary. The cost is US $100 for up to four people. If there are more than four people, there will be an additional $15 charge for each person. The fee is payable to The Bahamas Customs Department upon arrival at Atlantis' Marina. The necessary documents will be provided upon your arrival at the marina.

For American or Canadian citizens, a passport or birth certificate and photo ID (driver's license) is necessary for each person on board. Please make sure you and your delivery crew have the correct documentation.

For citizens not from the USA or Canada, please check the entry requirements at the following link:

Boats entering the Bahamas MUST clear customs upon arrival. Please contact the dockmaster at the Atlantis Marina (VHF channel 10 or 16) when you arrive in Nassau, and they will provide the appropriate customs and immigration paperwork for you to fill out for the customs officials, who will be available from 0900-1800 to clear you in. If you arrive outside that time frame, YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THE BOAT, otherwise you risk having the boat seized.

Additional information is available on or

Crew arrival via commercial flights:

For American or Canadian citizens, a passport or birth certificate and photo ID (driver's license) is necessary for each person on board. Please make sure your crew have the correct documentation.

For citizens not from the USA or Canada, please check the entry requirements at the following link:

Crews staying at the Atlantis: Please have inform your crew which tower they will be staying in. Each crew member must go to their individual tower to check in.

If anyone is bringing in boat equipment or anything other than their own personal belongings, please contact Farr International so that we can assist in getting through customs. The customs agents in Nassau are very thorough in checking bags. If equipment is being flown in, you will need to provide a letter with a description of the goods, serial numbers if applicable, the name of the event they will be used for, that the goods will be leaving the country after the regatta, and the value of the goods. This will need to be supplied at least two weeks prior to the regatta so that we can get a letter from the Ministry of Tourism for the customs officials.

There is a $15.00 per person departure tax at the airport.

Dress code: The opening ceremony will be at the Bahamian Government House. The dress code for gentlemen is jacket, long pants (no jeans), and no tennis shoes, tie optional, and appropriate corresponding attire for ladies. There is not a required dress code for any of the other events.


Bow numbers: Will remain the same for both the Mees Pierson Bahamian Championship and the Rolex Farr 40 Worlds. Bow stickers will need to be changed between events.

Golf carts will be available for transporting sails to sail measurement. Pickup will be every 40 minutes, 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. The location will be posted at the marina. Please make sure you bring ALL sails that you are declaring for the Bahamian Championship to sail measurement. Sail declarations must be filled out for each event. If you are changing some sails between events, any new sails that you are declaring for the Worlds (that were not measured on Nov 6-8) must be measured between 9-5 on Nov 11, or from 9-2 on Nov 12. ALL sails must have an ORC stamp. The storm trysail must be buttoned, and must be inspected. Sails may be re-measured a maximum of one time if they do not meet the measurement criteria after the initial measurement. It would be very helpful if two people from a team are available to lay out and fold the sails so that the measurement schedule remains on ! time.

Boat weighing will take place on Potters Cay, which is the small island in the middle of the channel between Paradise Island and Nassau, directly under the bridge and straight out of the Atlantis Marina entrance. The crane will be at the northwestern end of the island. Each boat shall be available for hull weighing in Builders Weight condition as outlined in the Class Rules, except that each boat shall have its mast stepped, with the standing rigging and boom attached, and the halyards led to the base of the mast. Each boat shall arrive with their safety gear assembled in the cockpit. This will be unloaded and inspected as the boat is weighed.

On site services:

  • Cell Phones: Only selected services will work in the Bahamas, please check with your service provider before arriving in Nassau, as most GSM (European) phones will not work there. The only US providers that work are Verizon and Cingular, details on activating service follow. Cell phones that will operate locally can be purchased for $199, and will be bought back at the end of the event for $100. You will need to buy local airtime. Verizon phones will work in Nassau, under the following conditions: you must have a tri-mode phone and subscribe to the Single Rate National Plan. You must call their service department before leaving the US to activate service, that number is 1800 922 0204. Roaming charges will apply.
  • Cingular service may be activated if you have the"international calling feature" on your account. You will be billed at a rate of $1.49/minute, your plan minutes will not apply. The toll free number for Cingular service is 800 238 2351 to confirm the details of your plan.
  • Local cell phones are available from Quality Business Center. You can rent a Nokia 5165 for $12.50 per day with a security deposit of $200, or buy a phone for $199.00, which will be purchased back from you by Quality Business Center for $99.50. You can arrange for a phone number prior to arrival. You must buy time cards for the phones. Local rates are $.40/minute from 7:00a.m.-7:00p.m., and $.20/minute from 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. Calls can be made to the USA for $.99/minute, and incoming calls from the USA are at the local rate. Please inquire about calling cards for Europe, Australia and Japan when you make your reservation. Their telephone number is 242 356 2217, fax is 242 325 7661 and they are located at East Street North, Nassau next to central police station downtown.
  • Computers: Atlantis rooms are equipped with a data port in the telephones. Hardware and software requirements for laptops are: Microsoft Windows CE, 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT 4.0; Macintosh; web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape); dial-up modem; and standard modem cable. The charge is $0.15 per minute upon connection, and will be billed directly to the room account. Computers are also available in the Atlantis business center. Internet access is $5.00 for 1-5 minutes, $12.50 for 6-15 minutes, $22.50 for 16-30 minutes, etc.
  • Sail loft - pick-up/delivery and repair service at the Atlantis Marina is being provided by Phillips Sailmakers in Nassau, $85/hour cash only. Service will commence Nov 6 for sail measurement. The loft is on East Shirley Street.
  • North Sails will also be providing daily weather service during the Worlds.
  • The Bahamas Department of Meteorology can be reached at 242 377 7040 or 242 356 3734.
  • Brian Fisher from Aramid Rigging will be on site, and has spare equipment.
  • Lightbourne Marine 242-393-5285 carry epoxy
  • Renee Mehl local cell phone number 242 558 5032
  • A spectator boat will be available for both regattas. There will be a sign-up sheet at registration on November 8, and again for the Worlds on November 11-12. The boat has been donated by Craig Symonette of the Nassau Yacht Club. Spectators can order their lunches at registration as well, orders must be received one day in advance.
  • Owners will be extended reciprocity at the Nassau Yacht Club for the duration of the Mees Pierson Bahamian Championship and the Rolex Farr 40 Worlds.

    Doctors Hospital
    147 Shirley Street
    phone 242 302 4605
    fax 242 323 4801

    Dr. Jason McCarroll - doctor on call for event
    Collins Ave & 1st Terrace
    phone 242 322 2226
    fax 242 322 2226
    cell 242 357 4532
    home 242 324 1072