Farr 40 Corinthian Trophy

The Corinthian trophy will be a part of all Farr 40 One Design class racing, inregional events and the national, continental and world championships, starting on January 1, 2005. The rules are very simple – you are only allowed two professional sailors on board (they can be Group 2 or 3) and only three new sails per calendar year to use when you are competing for the Corinthian trophy. Corinthian trophy competitors will be racing with the rest of the fleet, and owners who register for the Corinthian trophy are also eligible for winning overall event prizes.

Owners may purchase up to three extra new sails each year that will be eligible for Corinthian fleet racing. Owners will still be able to purchase up to the maximum of seven sails per year, so that they can sail events in either category. We will highlight the three sails you select each year in the database, so administrators worldwide will be able to see which new sails are Corinthian trophy legal. The rest of the inventory (as defined in Class Rule 25.1) that you declare for each event must be manufactured in the previous calendar year or older.

Each region will be responsible for organizing the prizes or negotiating with yacht clubs to provid e for the Corinthian trophies at Circuit events. Guidelines for awarding the trophy will be uniform worldwide. If between 1-5 Corinthian trophy entrants are registered, first place overall in that category will be awarded. First and second places will be awarded for events with 6-10 entrants, and first through third will be awarded for 11-15 entrants.

The Farr 40 Class Association members are excited to announce the creation of this new trophy. This is an owner – driven class and the owners shaped this policy. We anticipate getting more people involved in the fantastic racing and camaraderie that has developed in the Farr 40 Class by presenting a venue for those with differing time and budget frameworks to have incredible local racing at a fraction of the cost. We look forward to growing local and regional fleets over the next few years and invite anyone who has been looking at a Farr 40 to come join the fun. The local fleets are behind this and are already planning clinics to get new owners indoctrinated and up to speed on tuning and maneuvers, and social events to welcome everyone to the Class.

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