Australian National Trophy renamed to honor John Calvert-Jones

From Desk of Martin Hill
GPO Box 2748 Sydney 2001 NSW
Farr 40 President

28th July 2012

Dear John

Please find enclosed a card signed by a number of Farr 40 owners, including Lisa and I wishing you a speedy and restful recovery.

Our members have requested, with your permission to name the Australian National Farr 40 Trophy ‐ the John Calvert Jones Cup ‐ in honour of your long standing contribution to the Farr 40 Class including the recent effort with Fabulous 40s book, and in recognition of you being the first Australian to win the Farr 40 World Championships in 2000.

This year looks promising for the Farr 40 class in Australia. Despite all the economic doom and gloom we have established fleet captains in Brisbane, Sydney & Hobart with state titles in all three states leading to the Nationals in Sydney. Qld State Titles looks to have a fleet of 9 boats ( 6 local and 3 interstate boats) and Tasmania State Title a fleet of 7 ( 4 locals and 3 ‐4 interstate boats). I am looking forward to competing in all states titles with my family and new grandson in the cheer squad. The class membership is expanding and we have topped up our bank account with a recent marketing levy that was supported not only by the Sydney‐Fleet owners but also owners in Tasmania and QLD.

On the Australian Sailing Team front I am sure you are being well briefed on the success of the Australian Sailing Team in Weymouth. The Patrons are being well looked after and updated thanks to your leadership which laid the solid ground work not only to raise much needed funding but also a pathway to mentor the athletes.

Lisa and I are shortly heading off to England to support our Olympic team and cheer on the AST. I will report to you on this and Farr 40 Worlds in Chicago in due course.

I hope you can join us soon for a Farr 40 Regatta lunch and catch up.

Martin Hill