Farr 40 Class Association

Welcome to the Farr 40 Class, we look forward to seeing you at the next regatta. The Farr 40 Class is an arena for owners to compete on even terms, as helmsmen at the regional, national and international level, culminating in the annual Rolex Farr 40 World Championship. Active participation by owners in the Class Association is encouraged to help determine future needs of the Class, form new local fleets and maintain the value of your investment.

The Class is governed by an Executive Committee of owners from all the active racing regions in conjunction with a Management Group consisting of representatives from Stagg Yachts, Farr Yacht Design and build consultant Barry Carroll. The Class Rules have been formulated to maintain the integrity of the class by keeping the boats as identical as possible. This will enable every owner to have the maximum amount of enjoyment from racing in this exciting Class.

We encourage you to read and understand the Class Rules and urge your representative and crew to become familiar with them. Each Owner (or charterer) must be a member of the Class Association to race in any Farr 40 One Design class event, and to be eligible to vote on Class Rule changes.

A One Design Certificate will be issued to you by the Chief Measurer and you will be required to renew this annually as outlined in the Class Rules. It is also required that a copy of these rules and a current One Design certificate be on board the boat whilst racing. This is to ensure the One Design status is kept at the forefront of all competitor's minds.

We are truly excited to bring you this outstanding One Design and look forward to another year of exceptional One Design racing. Once again welcome to the Farr 40 One Design Class!"


Corinthian Trophy Rules
Class Association Application Form - 2015
Brokerage Boat Sail Button Registration
Sail Button Order Form: Available in either PDF or Excel formats
Button Replacement Form
Helmsman Application
Competitor Classification
Crew Declaration
Sail Declaration
Yacht Owner Compliance Form
Category 4 Offshore Special Regulations