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  • "Fairplay" comes from Turkey....
  • Blinder for Farr 40 newcomer
  • Australian Farr 40 renaissance

December 17, 2014

This just in from our Turkish Farr 40 rep Sena Akman.

TurkishownerswithtrophySinan Sumer and Orel Kalomeni

In the northern hemisphere the closing ceremonies for the year round regattas are taking place. On December 15th, Sailors in Turkey came together for their own major IRC class regatta trophy event, TAYK and TAYK/MDK series 2014 prize giving.

TAYK IRC 2014 Trophy goes to "Alize Turkcell" the Farr 40 owned and skippered by Sinan Sumer with his team comprised of Turkcell corporate citizens. We congratulate Sinan not only for his success in winning the trophy with the corporate team that he established and has been training for the past 5 years, but also the "fairplay" he demonstrated to remind us what sailing is all about when we truly live its values.

In the beginning of August 2014 just days before the major offshore regatta, namely the 300 nm Navy Regatta, which starts in Istanbul and ends in Southern part of Turkey, the F40 Arcora was blown from its cradle due to the adverse weather conditions at that time . Arcora is one of the most committed teams in Turkey. Arcora's owner Orel Kalomeni puts great effort and dedication into the sport and believes in his team. Nevertheless, they were not discouraged and instead they continued their journey with their original Archambault 40 RC. However, the second hit they were going to face was the points that they earned with their very own F40 could not be transferred to the replacement boat.

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Blinder for Farr 40 newcomerTransfusioncrew creditAlexandraEarlPhoto by: Alexandra Earl

Rod Jones' one design comeback with his new Farr 40 called Kindergarten scuttled the familiar finish order of Transfusion then Kokomo, who are both long-standing Farr 40 classmates and pacesetters.

Instead it was Transfusion (MHYC) then Kindergarten thanks to a "blinder" on debut by Jones and his mixed NSW and Queensland crew of a third and two firsts in the final three races of the Farr 40 One Design Trophy Pittwater on Sunday December 7, 2014.

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Australian Farr 40 renaissance

There's a distinctive swagger amid the Australian Farr 40 class. Four top ten finishes at the recent international title, a new batch of super keen owners for the 2014-15 season and preparations underway to host the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship in 2016 have injected vim and vigour into the enduring one design fleet.

Numbers are not only holding in Australia, they have swollen this season with the addition of Bob Bennett and Enigma (RPAYC), Carl Russett and Windy Too (RPAYC), Rob Pitts and Double Black (SYC, previously Bribie Star) and Rod Jones and Kindergarten (MHYC/MYC, previously Sputnik). Gordon Ketelbey dabbled with the Farr 40s in the closing stages of last season and committed to the upcoming series with his purchase of one of Guido Belgiorno-Nettis' former Transfusions, now called Zen.

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